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Golden Retrievers' Reactions to Seeing Image of a Dog on a Food Bag Is Everything

One might think that getting a dog means you're getting a protector for the house. A furry friend who will guard the door, saving you from the mailperson. That's usually the case, at least in our experience. But sometimes you get a dog that's more scared than you are. 

Take for instance TikTok user @agoldennamedeverest. These two Golden Retrievers noticed something in the basement of the house, but instead of investigating they stood there staring. Guard dogs no more. They were terrified! 

O.M.G. This is internet gold! They seriously were too scared to go downstairs because of the dog's picture on the food bag. Soooo spooky! And the funniest part, in our eyes, is the fact that the dog on the food bag was smiling! How could they be scared of that?! LOL!

"Call the police immediately there has been a break-in 😂😂😂," said @katierader16. The dogs weren't going to investigate, they were leaving that up to the police. HA! @cool_boolee wrote, "He was ready to throw paws until the other one was too scared to go down." He couldn't do it without the other dog so as soon as one dipped, they both did. LOL! 

@the_fish_with_legs commented, "I laughed so hard. I needed that. Thank you." We think it's safe to say we all laughed so hard at this clip. Let's hope these two scared puppos got some snuggles to make them feel better!


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