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Video of Dog Imitating His Owner Coming Down the Stairs Is Downright Hilarious

Your dog is always watching you. Whether you realize it or not. So we really shouldn't be laughing at one woman on TikTok, who learned the hard way that her Husky had been taking notes. Sorry, lady. It was just too funny not to laugh.

TikTok creator @ash_laughs had recently broken her ankle, so naturally it's been a little hard for her to get around the house. You know who noticed that things have changed? Her pup Rico. And she even documented Rico's hilarious reaction in a video online. "How I come down the stairs since breaking my ankle," she wrote in the video's text overlay. The video then cuts to Rico, who is doing an excellent impression of his mama. "How my dog comes down the stairs since I broke my ankle," she added. "Wait for it!" she wrote in the caption. Take a look for yourself.

The footage has been watched over 3 million times. And people couldn't get over Rico's overdramatic impression. "He doesn’t know why we don’t trust the stairs anymore, but he’s supportive," @sloppyjayne wrote. "Dog: there's something fishy! I must go down slowly as she does," @anamariaammv1 added. "I don't know what's wrong with these and I'm not gonna be the guy that finds out," @sewsaff quipped. 

While another commenter shared that something similar happened to them. "I broke my leg. My cat and dog both do the same thing. I feel like they are mocking me," @totaldesignsbydiane wrote.

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Thankfully, @ash_laughs has a good sense of humor about the whole thing and didn't seem to mind that Rico's taking a page from her book. "I love my little drama king!" she wrote later in the thread. 

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