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Video of Sad Dog in Shelter Whose Owner Just Passed Away Reminds Us to #AdoptDontShop

As joyful and rewarding as rescuing an animal can be, there's no way to ignore the unfortunate and even tragic circumstances that led that pet to the shelter in the first place. Whether it's homelessness, surrender, or--in this case-- the passing of an owner that leaves an animal in need, the helping hands of rescuers can be the difference between a second chance or an unimaginable fate. 

Luckily for Shasta, a sweet doggie girl who ended up in a high-kill shelter after her owner passed away, @houseofpawsrescue was there to help. The rescue team shared her tragic story on TikTok--where she's melting hearts left and right--and we think it's safe to say it's changed everything for her. Second chance, here she comes!

Aww, Shasta! We just want to give this girl a snuggle and all the treats in the world, but we know House of Paws (or, HOP) is doing exactly that. And so do the commenters!

"Yall better do what yall do and save this baby," wrote @robertrochford0. You said it! Shasta deserves all the love in the world, and we have no doubt this team will find it for her. HOP replied, "she is safe with me 🥰," and we believe them 100%.

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So what's next for this precious rescue pup? Adoption, of course! It warms our hearts so much to see how many commenters expressed interest in giving Shasta a new forever home, but we're still holding our breath until we know for sure!

"Where is she? Any updates sweet girl 🙌🙏🙌💔💋💔," asked @pennyscioneaux438. Though there are no new videos yet, we did get a note from HOP in the replies!

"She is in FL right now but leaving Tuesday to go to PA rescue we work with," the rescue explained. We can't wait to see who this precious girl falls in love with! As long as they spoil her rotten, they'll have our approval for sure.

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