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Dog's Hilarious Interruption of Mom's Singing Has People Cracking Up

They may not be Sunny and Cher, but we think Pam Quinn and her dog Casper are the singing sensation duo 2022 needs! Although, truth be told, one of them is just a bit of a diva. As can be seen in a video on Quinn’s TikTok page, Casper wouldn’t let his mama get a word in edgewise. But who can blame him, there can only be one star after all. 

Quinn and Casper love to sing together, whether that be classic ‘90s jams or even covers of Bruno Mars. However in a recent video on Quinn’s TikTok page (@thepamquinn), Casper wasn’t really willing to share the spotlight. As soon as Quinn started singing, Casper cut her off. “Wait, I have to start,” Quinn told him. “I haven’t even sung anything yet,” she said. Unfortunately for his mama, the pup couldn’t be convinced and spent the rest of the video chiming in with his beautiful voice. “Oh. My. god,” Quinn wrote in the video’s caption.

Over 12 million people have watched Casper’s solo — and despite his diva attitude, he definitely won over some fans. “He said he wants to go first,” @1shamlou wrote. “Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama,” @10cowwhoaman joked. “He wants to start, let him start,” @srod01 urged. “HE WAITED HIS WHOLE LIFE FOR THAT MOMENT,” @tay.tayhumor added. “He’s like ohhh no I got the lead vocals,” @anthony_v123 teased.

This isn't the first time that Casper has cut in on his mom's screen time. In a previous video's on Quinn's page, Casper couldn't hold it in while his mom sang "A Whole New World." 

"But like… why?" she wrote in the caption. Cause he's a star — duh!