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Video of Little Dog Acting Just Like His Italian Family Members Is Way Too Accurate

A new video on TikTok really does show that our pets are always paying attention to us. Even when you really think they're not. The footage shows a dog doing a pitch-perfect impersonation of his Italian family members. And when you see the clip you'll totally be cracking up. 

According to the video from @theradstyle of Canada, the pooch was one of the family during a recent gathering He just wanted to blend in! 

The footage shows the dog gesturing emphatically while the humans around him are enjoying some time together. "Tell me you're a dog in an Italian family without telling my you're a dog in an Italian family," the video's onscreen caption jokes. "Gabagoooool," the video's caption teases. 

Clearly other people were just as tickled by the clip because it's since been watched over 786,000 times. "With the hand gestures, he’s got 50% of Italian down already," @siginaak joked. "No you don’t understand! I wanted an espresso!" @hihi.howyou.doin teased, as if interpreting the dog's gestures. "Funniest thing is that Maltese dogs (the one in the video) are from Maltan origin so they’re a bit related to Italians (you know, bc of proximity)," @dasgs_  pointed out. "Hahaha unfortunately this is just what that breed does! So cute tho," @erinlbak praised. 

So cute indeed!

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