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Viral Video of Dog Jamming in the Car With Her Dad Is a Total Vibe

We’ve seen videos of Huskies who sing along with the TV or pups who get excited when their favorite song on the radio. But have you ever seen a dog legit jam to the beat of the music? That’s exactly what’s happening in a viral video on TikTok that has over 23 million views. The clip was shared by creator @love_n_naz, and it goes without saying that plenty of people are feeling this pup’s vibe.

In the video, the pup is seated in the passenger seat of the car next to her dad, and the two of them are subtly jamming out to some tunes. We dare you to watch this without bobbing your head along to the beat with them. 

HA! Aren’t these two the best? They’re perfectly in sync, and people can’t get enough of their whole vibe. The famous @weratedogs chimed in and said of the song, “Please make sure to save it to her playlist.” Another commenter, @Marved TV added, “The dog automatically made me nod my head 😂.” LOL, us too! And @Joe Garratt summed up the situation perfectly, saying, “Vibes are immaculate.”

Of course, there was one naysayer who thought the pup’s owner was deliberately making the car move back and forth so it looks like the dog is bobbing her head. But given how ridiculously adorable this is, we just aren’t willing to accept that possibility!

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And this isn’t a one-time thing for these two. The creator’s account is filled with videos of them rocking out. This one should shut down the “fake” theory once and for all.

Keep the jam sessions coming, @love_n_naz! We can’t get enough of them.

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