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Dog's Jealousy Over His Sister's Leg Bandage Is Absolutely Priceless

Jealousy is a universal emotion, even if you're a dog--just ask this sassy Husky mix! He decided he wasn't having it when his fur sister started getting more attention for her injured paw, and the result is just too much. No wonder TikTok is going bonkers for this boy! 

Dog mom @caitlinzmudka uploaded this hilarious clip when she finally gave in and indulged the dog in a bandage of his very own. The pitiful pup even acted the part! 

OMFG, we're just obsessed with this guy and his Oscar-worthy acting skills. His mom and fur sister get awards for supporting roles, of course! Viewer @kwed02 noticed it too, writing, "he looks pitiful. Love how he is playing the part." We can tell that with whatever he does, she does with his whole heart. 

"Well we all know the leg has been bothering him for a while," agreed @rairais36. Of course! It only took his sister's injury for him to finally admit it... just kidding! He seems like a big sweet baby who just wants to be loved, and we are here for it. 

So is @johnkahnke! He listed this video as "reason 2,433 that dogs are the absolute best," and we couldn't agree more if we tried. Though we have to admit, this drama might be more of a breed thing!

"Huskies!!!! lol," @triciadestevens said. "I had to pretend to give mine an insulin shot like his sister got before he would eat." LOL! Huskies are definitely drama dogs who need to be included, but that's just one more reason why we love them.

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