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Dog's Jealous Reaction to Fur Sibling Getting a Kiss Is Just Too Funny

Dogs love their people--there's no question about it. Most of the time, pups show this through play, cuddles, and even licking, but sometimes they can get plain ol' jealous. Honestly, it's pretty funny when they do!

Pup parents and TikTokers @lifewithkleekai share regular updates on their two dogs' antics, but someone's recent jealousy made a video go viral. When Copper and Skye's dad filmed himself giving Skye all the pets and kisses, Copper had something to say about it! These Klee Kais are just too cute, but Copper's drama could win him an Academy Award if we had any say in it. 

Aww, poor Copper! We do feel a little bad for him being left out (and for laughing at it), but it was still pretty cute to watch him go bananas over his sister's attention. Hopefully, he got tons of cuddles after the video was over! 

By the looks of the comments section, we weren't the only viewers with this concern. "But did copper get his kiss 😭?" asked @thenamastrae. He better have! Otherwise, Copper's dad better listen to @agirlnamedcheese and "apologize to that sweet baby immediately!!"

Even though we're all melted to a puddle over the pup's pitiful reaction, we're also living for his drama. Several commenters like @johnebster77 got a laugh about "huskies.....and their drama," but others were quick to swoop in and explain that these pups are actually Klee Kais! This breed was developed in the 1970s and 80s to be a "companion-sized version of the Alaskan Husky," so the two breeds share many similar drama!

Meanwhile, Copper's sister doesn't care for much other than bugging her brother. Dad's kisses? Meh. We love the way @human_shooman said it when they wrote, "Skye's like: you can have mine copper, I don't want it 🙄😂." LMAO! We can't help but wonder what Skye's reaction would be like if the roles were reversed. We guess @lifewithkleekai will just have to make more videos!