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Dog's Jealous Reaction to Dad Giving Newborn Baby Attention Is Totally Epic

There’s always a slight adjustment after a baby is born, but usually it’s older kids who have a hard time sharing their mom and dad. Not for one couple on TikTok, whose dog Hazel was practically seething when her dad was giving the new baby more attention than her. We get it Hazel, it’s always hardest on the first born.

Video of Hazel’s temper tantrum was captured by her mom @em.hort22 and shows the *ahem* slightly peeved Hazel glowering as her Dad holds his newborn son. What makes the whole thing so much better is that the video was originally set to audio from SpongeBob Squarepants where SpongeBob is complaining about getting fired. Too perfect!

HA! Too funny! Some commenters online were low-key cracking up at poor Hazel’s pain. “THIS IS THE BEST SOUND FOR THIS 🤣,” @kaitlynbedford wrote. “She’s fighting her intrusive thoughts for real,” @fav1atina added. “HAHAHAHAHA OMGG 😂 THIS IS PERFECT!” added another user.

Others worried that Hazel’s “smile” was a sign of aggression. Although, many people explained that the new baby was probably a-okay. “Just to educate: dogs ‘smiling’ is a submissive behavior they do to their pack mates to show they are not a threat,” @hubertandcotton explained. “This just means they’re submissive and overly stimulated. They wouldn’t put their baby in danger, obviously. Good puppy, very cute video and perf bb!” another commenter agreed. “The submissive smile 😅. Give me attention, Dadddd. I’m way better than the babyyyy! 😂” @d.rae90 joked.

The creator added that Hazel is “the sweetest girl” and absolutely meant no harm to the baby. “​​She’s her daddy’s girl, who is holding our baby in the video. She’s not happy he’s giving the baby attention instead of her. Nowhere near as aggressive as people would like to think.”

Plus, as a new mom, she’s sure to be taking every precaution possible and would never let Hazel around her son if he really was a threat. “We’d never put our baby in danger, so move on with those comments!” she continued.