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Video of Dog Excitedly Jumping Into the Ocean in Spain Is Going Viral

Anything can happen when you're on vacation. You can even make a new friend! Just look at a group of guys on TikTok, who became besties with a Border Collie on their trip to Spain. Naturally, the dog wanted to get in on their fun and now video of the group leaping into the ocean has gone viral online. 

The @lifeof_laurens TikTok page shows three friends who travel the globe. But they never thought they'd make quite the splash they did as with a recent video on their page. "This dog watched us jumping into the water," the video's text overlay reads. "He was so excited about it and wanted to jump as well. So we all jumped together." The pup looks so happy before taking the plunge. 

The caption states that the dog is named Larry (how adorable!) and he's 9 years old. He "loves to jump into water," it reads. Clearly!

Footage of Larry hitting the water has since racked up over 7 million views and people in the comments section seemed to agree this was one happy pup. "The way his tail wags when he jumps," @hillearious66 teased. "The way he runs up the stairs to jump again," @oliviacarolina.v gushed. "Aaaaw. The little helicopter tail wag," @heycara_ wrote. "My dog refuses to step on wet grass," @user89018112 joked. 

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A second video on the TikTok page showed more of Larry playing with his new pals. 

So sweet! Vacation friends are truly friends for life.

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