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Video of Dog Singing a 'Katy Perry' Duet With His Mom Is Downright Adorable

Dogs hate being left out of their owners hobbies and activities. It's easy to include them when going on hikes or running errands in the car, but it can be difficult to find a way to incorporate your pup into hobbies of the artistic variety. One woman found a way to include her dog in her musical performances and the result is too adorable.

TikTok user @thepamquinn posts videos of her dog, Casper, singing duets with her while she plays guitar. In a recent video of their's that has gone viral recently, the duo sings Katy Perry's classic song, I Kissed a Girl. Casper did a great job and was the perfect soprano to tie the show together. Check out the video to hear the performance in all of its glory.

OMG, this is so cute. We cannot believe how well Casper listened when his mom gave him his instructions at the beginning, and it was amazing how he timed his vocal entry. Very impressive!

People in the comments thought this was awesome and rightfully praised Casper for so well during his part. @jon7744 said, "Nicely paced this time. He wisely went for quality not volume," and @jovaneeden commented, "First, you have an amazing voice, and second, Casper just stole the show with his rendition of the chorus. What a sweetie pie." Casper and Pam both did such an incredible job!

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Others cracked a few good-natured jokes about a performance of this kind. @freddiesantics commented, "Britain's Got Talent beckons. Simon will give you his golden buzzer," and @kristyd765 said, "He was sending out calls to the ladies showing them his talented self." We know that Casper must be pulling all the lady pups in the neighborhood with skill like this.

When do tickets for the Casper and Pam world tour go on sale? We know we will be in the front row when they come to town!

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