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Dog's Touching Gesture After Baby Becomes Fussy Is Impossible to Resist

Dogs are some of the best babysitters. They have a protective streak, and they are very comforting animals. When one woman's baby had a bit of an issue, one of her dogs stepped up and took care of the problem on his own.

TikTok user @erindomin recently shared a video of her chocolate Labrador and baby daughter laying on the floor together. When her daughter becomes a bit fussy, the pup takes matters into his own paws and calms her down. Check out the video to see how this adorable interaction went down!

Aww, this is so cute! We love how the pup gave his sister a few kisses to comfort her, and she immediately stopped fussing. This video is so irresistible that we have it playing on loop!

People in the comments praised Labradors for their amazing parental instincts. @suew80 said, "Labs are so good with kids. Best friends together for life, and congratulations to you all," and @johnnydeppchest commented, "I love labs, the best pups to grow up with children!" There's no other dog we'd rather leave our children with!

Others were amazed at this pup's beauty. @clkeethler commented, "Cuteness overload. Nothing more beautiful than love of a human and her precious furbaby." Another user, @kiazakittykat918, said, "Labs are beautiful." We totally agree!

This is such a lovely moment between two siblings, and their mom is so lucky to be able to witness it! We see many more similarly sweet interactions in this duo's future.

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