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Mom Asks Dog for a Kiss Using a Translator App and Her Stunned Reaction Is Going Viral

If you haven't heard by now, here's a quick recap: we can talk with dogs via apps! You're probably thinking, 'Yeah right!' and trust us, we didn't believe it either. But there seems to be one too many videos of dogs reacting to their owners talking through a dog translator that have made us believers! 

A recent viral TikTok video from @taybrown__, which has over 6.7 million views and 1.5 million likes, shows her talking to her Shih Tzu Mini Poodle mix through an app. She asks the pup for a kiss by telling the app what to say, and then the app translates it into barks. Her dog listens in disbelief and, well, everyone is now rushing to speak with their dog! 

How could you not freak out about this?! Did we come this far in technology to actually be able to speak with our pets? Now, if only there were a way to translate their barks to our language! 

Her dog first looks at the phone and then around to see if anyone else was catching this. "She said, 'MOM CAN TALK?!?!!'" commented @Martian626, and @asma added, "Omg!It actually worked lol."   

We'd be lying if we said we didn't go immediately download the app. And we weren't the only ones! Several TikTok users were asking for the name of the app. @taybrown__ said she used the app called "Dog Translator" for this video. "All the dog owners are getting kisses after watching this video," said @Katerina 😺Siberian Cat. Let's hope all the doggos can understand the translation! 

Other users said they hope there will be a cat app, too! Soon enough, our phones will be filled entirely with human-to-pet translator apps. Not that we're complaining, though! 

"My toxic trait would be that I'd think that I could memorize the barks perfectly, so I could just ask for one when ever I wanted 😅😏." Us too, @Lacey Rose✨❤️. Hey, maybe some day!