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Dog's Way of 'Presenting Himself' for Kitty Cuddles Is Impossible to Resist

There are plenty of signs dogs use to tell us they want some pets and snuggles. They might put their paw on our hands, demanding we pet them. Or maybe they'll sprawl out on top of us so that we can't ignore them. And honestly, it's not even that annoying because they're just so cute. We can't possibly turn them away! Although, it does seem like it's always us. Have they ever thought about trying these tricks with another living thing in the house? LOL! 

TikTok doggo @thatdoggosarge figured out that he can indeed get cuddles out of the family. But he decided to push his luck and quickly learned that he can even get cuddles from the cat. In this hilarious video, the orange cat named Conan was walking on the bed, finding a nice and comfortable spot to rest. But as soon as the cat lies down, Sarge is right there. And the way he 'presents' himself to get snuggles is clearly effective!

O.M.G. This is perfect! We love that he didn't even ask. He just plopped down right next to Conan and expected to get cuddled. We need to start doing this when we want to cuddle. LOL! 

"If this isn't the sweetest most adorable thing ever on earth," wrote @ClarenceTheQuaker. Right?! We love how the cat didn't even care though. In fact, Conan even started to give kisses. SO cute! "Lovely and wonderful. I would never miss an episode of this show 😁," said @yawnbucket. No seriously, we'd watch these two every single day! That also means this TikToker needs to make longer clips of these besties because 15 seconds is not enough for us! 

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Another TikTok user, @Kayla Bellanger, said, "My favorite duo ever 😭." Based on this video alone, they're now our favorite duo as well! They're getting an immediate follow from us! 

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