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Dog Has All the Feels Because New Living Room Lamp Smells Like Grandma's House

There's nothing better than the love from grandparents. They always give the best hugs, have the best snacks, and you somehow don't get annoyed with them like you do with your parents! And have you ever noticed how the smell of their house can just bring a sense of calmness over you? Well, TikTok dog @jolene_thequeen can back up that statement for us! 

Jolene the Pit Bull is like us and finds comfort in being near her grandparents. In a recent TikTok clip that has over 1.2 million views and 164.9K likes, she can't stop sniffing a new lamp in the house. She's connecting the dots and knows that smell is familiar. Check out Jolene's reaction when she figures out where the smell is coming from! 

Aww! She's in desperate need of a playdate with grandma and grandpa now, and many TikTok users agree! @Jacy Brazil commented, "Alright, you'd better get in the car to drive to grandma and grandpas!!" @Zach Ellington added, "So we gonna go or what?" That's 100% what is going through Jolene's mind. 

We all know why Jolene is itching to get to her grandparents' house. As @Brianna Evans198 said, "Cause grandma always has the best snacks." This is a fact! And did you see how she looked at her mom wondering where they were? SO cute!! @Eric Ostrowski said, "That's gonna be her spot now😏😂😂😂." You have to move it closer so she can sit next to it all day long! 

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TikTok user @Ryan brought up why a dog's smell is so important. "This is a good way to explain this. Dogs have experiences with smells. Smells can trigger a dog to be happy mad sad, etc." Sounds like Jolene has only happy experiences with grandma and grandpa. Now, bring them over! 

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