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Dog Lays on the Horn to Tell Dad He’s Taking Too Long in Priceless Video

Alright, we’re setting up the scene here. It was before cell phones existed and you were out running errands with your parents. You decided to stay in the car while they went inside. But because it was before cell phones, what were you going to scroll on? You had to just sit there listening to the radio. Your patience was probably a lot thinner than it is now, as it felt like your parents were in the store for hours. That’s why you can feel the frustration from this Golden Doodle who is waiting in the car for his dad. 

TikTok doggo @brodiethatdood was sitting in the car with the windows down, while his dad ran inside for a minute. What his dad comes out to is a very impatient Brodie. In a video that has over 5.2 million views, Brodie was hanging out in the front seat, looking out the window at his dad like he took way too long. We’ve seen that before with our dogs. But Brodie took things one step further, and we love him for it!

LMAO! Brodie really was the one honking the horn. And not just a quick little horn tap. He was laying on it several times! Was Dad really taking that long or was Brodie just ready to get his pup cup?! 

“He’s like, ‘You got two seconds or I”m leaving you here,’” wrote @Marissa llyse. HA! We believe it. That face does not look like he’s messing around. @Andrew added, “Hurry up dad! We got girls to pick up!” Omg, is that why Brodie has his hair all up in a man bun?! He knows a way to a woman’s heart. Even the official @Jake from State Farm commented, “Brodie’s got things to do and places to be.” This is Brodie’s world, and his dad is clearly just living in it!