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Dog's Annoyed Reaction to Being Forced to Leave Her Grandparents' House Is Priceless

When we were kids, visits to our grandma and grandpa's house are always the best. It would be a full day of fun, and we were finally free from the nagging of our parents for a couple hours. Apparently, dogs feel the same way about spending the day at their grandparents' house, and one Golden Retriever is proving it.

TikTok user @sargeorgefit recently posted a video of her Golden Retriever, Stella, leaving her grandparents' house after spending all day there. Stella was not willing to go easily though, and some drastic measures had to be taken to bring her home. Check out the video to see their solution to get a very unwilling Stella out of her grandparents' house!

OMG, this is too funny! Stella's grandpa had to pick her up and carry her over to her dad, who carried her the rest of the way to the car! The caption on the video says, "She loves the grandparents more than us, it’s always a struggle getting her to the car." It seems like Stella always has a blast when she visits her grandparents. So cute!

People in the comments thought this was too funny! @rosaperez030220 said, "The look of betrayal and the side eye to Mom LOL. Cute pup." and @guess.its.jess commented, "I think she pictured this scenario going differently in her head." Stella thought she might be able to thwart her parents' efforts to bring her home, but she was out-muscled by Grandpa and Dad.

Others thought it was very sweet how much Stella is clearly loved by both her parents and grandparents. @loricola55 commented, "Aww what a cutie pie! I can see she is living her BEST LIFE! Nothing better!" and @discodogkit said, "If only every dog had this love." Stella really is living the doggy dream!

We're so glad Stella is so loved by her family. Hopefully she gets to spend another day with Grandma and Grandpa very soon!