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Dog's Reaction to Being Caught Intensely 'Washing' His Cat Sibling Is Internet Gold

TikTok user @tiktokdawnb was busy cleaning the house when she noticed it was eerily quiet. That rarely happens in a house with kids and a few pets. So she stopped what she was doing to find out what was going on. As she poked around, she found her dog Stanely up to no good. Well, some might argue that he was just trying to help out...

After you watch this clip, you can judge whether or not Stanley was just trying to help out around the house. When this TikToker looked out into the living room, Stanley was on the couch with the cat. It looked like they were snuggling. Or at least Stanley was snuggling. The cat on the other hand didn't look too comfortable. All he was trying to do was give the cat a bath! You'll LOL after seeing his reaction when he got caught.

LMAO! Normally we see a cat tormenting a dog, but oh how the tables have turned! Stanley looked away like it wasn't him who was licking the cat uncontrollably. Ha! "It's his pet cat. He loves her," said @debra4001. True! 

Other TikTok users are coming to the dog's defense for why he's giving the cat a bath. @alwayswiredangel wrote, "He said, 'She's in the bath mom! Do ya mind!! Look over there😂😂😂." She needs to give them some privacy! @user5850616326485 added, "He says, 'Momma, I'm tired of this cat stinking. It's bath time." Fair enough! The creator even wrote in the comments, "He has taken on all the animals as his own 😄." Aww! See, he's just doing it to help out his mom.

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But, we still feel bad for this cat because well, how can you not when she's trapped in a paw headlock. LOL! "The cat looks like he's given up," said @MomMomGrammy. The cat probably accepted that this is his new normal!   

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