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Day-in-the-Life Video of Dog Living Near North Pole Is Unreal

We have truly found the one dog we wish we could trade places with. And who knew that it would be a fluff monster that lives near the North Pole?! Actually, we just want to trade places with TikTok user @sejsejlija. That way we can hang out with her doggo all day long. LOL! 

This dog named Grim lives with his parents on Svalbard, an island between Norway and the North Pole. The cold might scare you away, but believe us, once you see this lifestyle, you'll want to be there with Grim ASAP. He has the life! By his tail alone you'll see how happy he is! 

Stop it! We need to be living this life and we need it now! Aside from the insanely beautiful views, Grim is one of the happiest doggos we've seen and we want to be his friend so badly! We want our days to look exactly like Grim's. We'd love to walk him around that beautiful island, followed by passing him endless treats. LOL!

"He's got such a busy day the poor pup," wrote @Reddunnam. Oooh yeah, such a hard day with all that sleeping and snuggling and treats and enjoying the view. LOL! @thefatinthehat added, "There was not a single moment in this video where that tail stopped wagging." It's true! We even went back and checked, lol! He really is the happiest boy to ever exist. 

@Ispywithmywolfeye commented, "100% would uproot my entire family simply because there's a slim chance to see THIS happy boy 😅." Trust us, we'd be right there behind you! Who wouldn't like to say they lived at the North Pole!? 


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