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Dad Dresses Dog As a Lion for Toddler's Halloween Party and Things Go Horribly Wrong

Halloween is a time for candy and costumes. Sometimes, these costumes are cute and funny, and other times they are scary and frightening. One dog dressed up in a costume that he thought was cute, but caused a bit of an unexpected fright.

TikTok user @godblessthismess21 recently shared a video of her dog's Halloween costume. In the video, she explains that her husband dressed the pup as a lion for their toddler's Halloween party at school, and he looks adorable! However, this costume received some unexpected reactions. Check out the video to see what everyone thought of the costume!

OMG, all the kids were scared of this pup! We can totally understand why, though. This is a very convincing costume! He looks exactly like a lion.

People in the comments thought the children's reactions to the costume are too funny. @mandymagerr said, "Two seconds in…immediately started laughing. He’s adorable," and @alexandme04 commented, "He’s the cutest lion ever. I’m dying from laughter." This was unexpected but absolutely hilarious!

Others said the pup must have been confused as to why all the kids were scared of him! @kallienelson commented, 'The dog is probably like "What’s so scary?! Is there something behind me?!"' Another user, @honeypott247, said, 'Poor puppy is probably thinking "Gosh, kids usually like me."' Hopefully he still got some pets from the adults at the party!

We just can't get enough of this amazing and very accurate costume. This pup looks just like a lion, and we think he should be the winner of the costume contest! The screams of terror from the kids are a glowing endorsement.

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