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Video of Heartbroken Dog Looking for His Mom Who Left Months Ago Is Just Devastating

Sometimes, relationships don't last. That's a normal part of the dating world, and unfortunately even married life. If you have kids, you might be able to explain the separation to them, as heartbreaking as it is. Sometimes they will understand, especially if they're old enough, but it's without a doubt still hard to break the news. Have you ever tried explaining it to your pet though? 

TikTok doggo @nelsonswrld is one of those pets who unfortunately experienced his parents going their separate ways. In a reposted clip, the Boston Terrier is seen sitting on a chair by the window, waiting for his mom to come home. He even looks at his dad with sad eyes wanting to know where she is. It truly breaks our hearts. People can't get over how sad he is.

Bring on the waterworks. We're tearing up because it's just so sad how Nelson doesn't know she won't ever come home 😭. It's just proof that animals can love just as hard as we can, and they can experience emotions, too. "So sad and so beautiful. I think the love of an animal is the most pure love," commented @aimeelowry30. "Poor baby. He has you and all your love. But dogs get broken hearts, too," added @Rachel Jalali. We hope they were able to heal together.

As sad as this is, there is good news for both Nelson. His dad wrote in the comments, "Just a reminder! This was over a year ago! Nelson and I have healed and met someone new 😊 god is good! 🙏." So this is a happy ending! We're just so glad to hear that Nelson's sad days are over, and we wish them both the best.