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Dog 'Loses' Her Prosthetic Leg and the Aftermath Is Just Too Cute

A video on TikTok shows one woman's reaction to learning that her dog lost her prosthetic leg. D'oh! Don't worry too much however, @puddlesandfetch eventually found the leg. But watching her track it down was too funny for words.

The dog mom was not happy when she found out her dog Luna had misplaced her leg. "Where's your leg?" she can be heard asking from off-camera in the recent video.

You'll never guess where she eventually found it. "I could see her hopping with no prosthetic," she says in the video. "Look where she got it stuck and left it. Her $2,000 prosthetic." It was in some muddy water of course!

Even though the video has received over 3.5 million views, people in the comments section couldn't stay mad at Luna. 'I was thinking "For sure she stepped in some mud and it got stuck.' Poor sweetheart," @rupgmmb wrote. "She’s like, don’t judge my poor decisions I felt like jumping on a huge puddle. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time," @steff_1703 joked. "You should add an Apple AirTag or a Samsung Tag to it so it's easier to find," @tallsaguy kidded. "At least she got out by herself…" @emily.nc81 pointed out.

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Thank goodness for that. But we can't help but wonder what would've happened had the poor woman never found the leg in the end. And we never — ever — hope to find out!

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