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Moment Dog Sees Mom After Being Lost in the Woods Is a Tear-Jerker

Every dog mom's greatest fear is being unable to find their fur baby. These moms will be terrified for the safety of their dog while they're out searching for their pups all day and all night. This dog mom recently lost her pup in the woods overnight, and she shared their tear-inducing reunion to the relief of her viewers.

TikTok user @rosie.thebernedoodle recently shared a video about her Bernedoodle, Rosie, who was recently lost in the woods overnight. After spending extensive time searching for her, the two were reunited the following morning in this emotional moment you need to see.

OMG, we are in tears thinking about Rosie being along in the dark woods all night! We are so relieved that she made it home safely and can only imagine how scared both Rosie and her mom were. Thank goodness no harm came to this sweet girl.

People in the comments are thrilled that Rosie found her mom. @winnietheblackmouthcur said, "So happy you’re home safe, Rosie! I’ve been there too," and @kipthedog22 commented, "Oh my what a relief. How scary!" Others in the comments recommended getting Rosie a Fi Collar, which has GPS tracking just incase she gets lost again. We would do anything to prevent a scary experience like this from happening again!

Rosie's mom shared a second video following their reunion where you can see how relieved everyone is to be together once more. Rosie doesn't seem eager to repeat this experience, and we don't blame her!

We love how Rosie is eating out of her dad's hands. She went through a difficult ordeal and is getting as much comfort out of her parents as she can. This is certainly one dog that is deserving of endless cuddles, kisses, and treats!

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