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Dog's Adorable Love for Foster Kittens Is the Ultimate Timeline Cleanse

Nothing is more adorable than when your pet finds their new best friend. You can notice an immediate bond between the two animals, and you know they will love each other forever. One woman noticed this love between her dog and their foster kittens, and the result is amazing.

TikTok user @rue_thebelle recently shared a video of her Pit Bull, Ruelle, when she first met their new foster kittens. In the video, Ruelle gently sniffs one of the kittens and puts her head down to say hello and show that she isn't dangerous. Check out this sweet moment in the video below!

OMG, Ruelle is just the most precious pup! She was so polite and gentle when meeting these kitties, we can tell she would be a great big sister. For Ruelle's sake, we're hoping for a foster fail!

People in the comments though Ruelle has some very effective puppy dog eyes. @sheweiser said, "Look at those eyes! Precious," and @tootsmcgee3 commented, "Those eyes! I feel like she can see my soul." We would be helpless against eyes like that!

Others were begging Ruelle's mom not to separate them. @jennifermatson355 commented, "Sorry, but you can't separate them now. They are best friends!" Another user, @catladysanders, said, "I think this is her kitten now. She would like to complete the paper work if you can just translate it for her. Thank you." Ruelle will be adopting these kittens no matter what her mom says!

This adorable video of Ruelle and the kitten are the timeline cleanse we all needed. Their immediate bond is just lovely, and we hope this turns into a foster fail! We would hate to see them have to say goodbye to each other.

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