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Dog’s Adorable Friendship With the Garbage Man Has People So Touched

You might know TikTok user @ishaan_chatterjee from performing a speech at his college graduation. (The one where he forgot to mention to his parents that he was giving a speech.) LOL. But we aren’t talking about his speech this time. We aren’t even talking about him! Instead, we’re highlighting his adorable Labrador named Lily who stole the show in a recent clip. 

Every Friday, a garbage man comes to collect the trash at Ishaan’s house, just part of his normal weekly routine. Somehow during all those times he’s come to collect, he and Ishaan’s dog formed a connection. And we don’t know how, but this dog knows when Friday rolls around. She knows it’s the day her buddy comes. So she sits in the driveway, patiently waiting. When he finally does come, Lily can’t control herself. You’ll be saying, ‘AWW!’ once you see how these two greet each other! 

Aww! (See we told you, you’d say it!) Look at those hops she has! She couldn’t stop jumping up and down to say hello. And it was so sweet that he kept walking further in the driveway so she wasn’t too close to the road. So sweet! We have a feeling she thinks he comes every week just for her. LOL! But please don’t tell her otherwise. 

“I’m best friends with people that give me snacks and love too😂,” joked @OurAdventures365. HA! Ohh this is why Lily loves Fridays? She gets treats and pets from the garbage man. We don’t blame her! At least she’s a good girl who sits for her treat! 

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“I love that he makes time for your fur baby xo,” wrote @MyexhusbandsExwife. We love it, too! It’s clearly the highlight of her day. And we can only assume it’s a highlight for him as well.

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