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Dog Caught Making Funny Faces at Himself in the Mirror and We're Here for It

Dogs are hilarious — that’s just a fact. But our favorite moments are always hands-down when we catch our dogs doing something really, really funny when they think that no one is watching. It’s like catching them in their most natural, goofy state. That pretty much goes double for one dog online, who was captured by his owner making funny faces at himself — and yes, we couldn’t help but laugh.

Poor Benson was caught in the act in a video that went viral recently. As the footage shows, the Golden Retriever was “mean mugging” (aka, making some angry faces) at himself while his owner watched nearby. “Gold medalist in the mean mug Olympics,” Madi (@_mhouska) wrote in the video’s caption. Check out this funny guy!

He's just too cute! Unfortunately for Benson, his owner wasn’t the only person cracking up over his one man performance. “Doggo: ‘momma says I’s is soo sweet and adorbs… but I’s is ferocious!!!’” joked @archman56. “Haha ‘who’s a tough guy?! I’m a tough guy,’” @sharlene0737 wrote, as if reading Benson’s mind. “It’s important to give yourself a pep talk from time to time,” added @weratedogs. “Absolutely dying, some mornings I feel like I go through this,” @friedaandhomer chimed in.

This wasn’t the first time that Benson was caught giving himself a stern talking to on tape, however. In a previous video, the dog was again seen making some hilariously gnarly faces. “Knuckle samwich: locked and loaded,” his owner mused in the caption.

Poor Benson. The ridicule just never stops. Can’t a dog make some silly faces at himself in peace?