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Video of Small Dog Befriending Lonely Pup at the Dog Park Is As Cute As It Gets

It can be so intimidating to go somewhere new and not know anyone. How do you get yourself out there and make some friends? That seemed to be the exact question that one dog was asking herself at the dog park recently, and her struggle to connect is breaking the internet's heart.

Poor Maddie was a little overwhelmed at the dog park recently and the video shared on TikTok channel @adventuresofmaddie shows why. All the other dogs were already playing with each other by the time she got there, and as her owner explained in the video’s caption, Maddie “couldn’t get into the groove.” Maddie has ADHD and a brainstem injury, making it just a tad harder for her to focus on what was going on too. Just when all seems lost, it’s a small dog that comes to Maddie’s rescue. Watch how sweet their interaction is.


Over 447,000 people have watched Maddie’s day out, and most people couldn’t help but feel for the pup. ”Not me getting emotional about her being left out in the beginning,” @rhuber457 wrote. “Dogs being left out is VERY high on my list of things that make me cry,” @Levecka0328 agreed. “Me: crying cause she’s being left out. also me: crying because she made a friend. I’m a mess,” @celestialbunnycrafts joked.

Is it weird that we're sort of proud of Maddie for putting herself out there? She waited until the right dog came along and then she had a great day out in the park. It just shows that dogs are humans are so like each other. Or as Maddie's owner even wrote in the video's caption: "It only takes one."