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Video of Dog Making Friends With A Stranger on a Train Is Simply the Best

Who doesn't love dog spotting while out and about?Just seeing a pup from across the room can make any errand a little bit more fun, but those who get to sit near animals on public transportation are some of the luckiest of us all. This video from @hugoandursula is proof!

In the now-viral clip, one sweet Golden Retriever cuddles his way into the heart of his train seat-mate. Though the snuggles are rather sudden, we think there's no better way to break the ice with a willing new friend--if you're a dog, that is. Just watch what this pup does to make a new friend! 

If we're being totally honest, we're so jealous of this pup's new friend! Who wouldn't love to pass the time cuddling with a sweetheart like him! Seriously, the smile on her face says it all. 

We're relieved to see all the folks in the comments section who feel the same as we do. It's safe to say that this dog is stealing more hearts than just that of his new friend.

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"Not to be dramatic but I would die for your dog," @darciebg admitted. We're totally with you! This sweet pup will have an army ready at his beck-and-call before we know it. 

By the looks of things, @gretty1310 will be next to enlist! She asked, "Why does stuff like this never happen to me 🥺?" We don't know!! Some people are just blessed with incredible luck, but at least the rest of us can enjoy through a phone screen.

"'3…2…1….annnnnnd trust fall….nailed it.'” @ltgeneralobvious joked. That's basically what was going through that pup's mind! For being a thought-out introduction, it was also a very spur-of-the-moment decision for the Golden. Luckily, it all worked out! If it doesn't get a response out of someone one day, this boy has tons of fans ready to take their place. 

That includes @fhjkd! "Please tell me when your next train ride is," she commented. "I want specifics including seat numbers because I think I’d cry tears of joy if he did that to me 🥰!" We think it's safe to say she speaks for us all! 

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