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Video of Smart Dog Who Has 'Mastered Whispering' Is Quickly Going Viral

All dog parents with talkative pups wish their dogs could understand the concept of whispering. Some dogs bark a lot, but it would be wonderful if we could tell them to whisper instead. Well, one dog mom did exactly that, and the result is awesome!

TikTok user @eye_am_griffin recently shared a video of their puppy, Griffin, demonstrating his newly mastered ability to whisper. In the video, Griffin's mom asks him to whisper an few times, and this good pup complies in the perfect way. Check out the video to see Griffin's whispers!

Wow, Griffin is such a good boy! We are very impressed with his whispering—this seems like such a challenge for a young pup like him. We can tell Griffin is going to be able to master many different commands with intelligence like this!

People in the comments are very impressed with Griffin's whispering! @sheaselmer said, "That's the best dog whisper I have ever heard by a long shot," and @stevena.dc commented, "What a good boy. Solid trick, 10/10, and he’s such a cutie." Griffin deserves all the praise for doing such a good job with his whispering!

Others thought this pup was just adorable. @danciefancypants commented, "That’s too sweet for words," and @catherineforce said, "Beautiful dog, the fact that he loves green beans for treats is adorable. That whisper is on point." There is just so much to love about this video of Griffin!

We can't stop watching this video of Griffin whispering. His obedience and understanding of the command is amazing, and he is just an adorable pup! We can't wait to see what other unique commands his mom teaches him.

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