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Little Dog's 'McDonald's'-Themed Birthday Celebration Is the Best

Dog lovers are known for going above and beyond for their pups. People who aren't dog parents don't usually understand, but we love to spoil our dogs with birthday parties, special experiences, and tasty treats. One pup was receiving some of this special treatment from his owner in this viral video you don't want to miss.

TikTok user @max_the_fluff recently shared a video of their Bichon Frisé, Max, celebrating his birthday. In the video, this pup is treated to a McDonald's themed birthday party with his family. Check out the video to see what Max's family did to make his day extra special!

OMG, this is awesome! We are so happy this pup received some special treatment on his birthday and got to have some yummy food from McDonald's. All dog owners should treat their pets to their favorite things on their birthdays!

Many people in the comments wished Max a happy birthday. @catherinemiller710 said, "Happy birthday! So adorable and so precious! Nice of you to celebrate the dogs birthday! So cute!" Another user, @charcat71, commented, "Max is clearly the family super star! Happy birthday!" All dogs should be sung to by their family on their birthday!

Others thought the celebration was wonderful for Max! @ainsleesmith2021 commented, "This is so wonderful! He’s gonna remember this for the rest of his life," and @briana_lacara said, "Love that they're FaceTiming the family to sing too." It's necessary to get the whole family involved in the birthday plans!

We can't get enough of this McDonald's birthday celebration! Including the rest of the family through FaceTime was an adorable touch, and this pup definitely woofed down that food when the song ended. We can't wait to see how this family celebrates Max's birthday next year!

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