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Viral Video of Dog's Over-the-Top Reaction to 'McDonald's' Fries Is All Too Relatable

Whether you're a human or a pup, there's no denying it: snack time is the best time. Especially when you're craving something particular, it can be hard to contain the excitement over finding the perfect food. We've all got our guilty pleasures, though, so this pup's reaction is easy to understand!

Since @jnjcreations posted this hilarious clip of his hungry dog, it's racked up over 13 million views. As soon as you see it, though, you'll know exactly why!

LMAO! That pup's reaction is relatable AF--plus we got a good laugh! It looks like everyone else in the car had a laugh, too, so it was only fair for the lil' one to get a fry as a 'thank you.'

With the most-liked comment of the video, @fedda_luche49 wrote, "this funny as hell." You said it! The pup is moving so fast that we can barely see him, and it only adds to the chaos of the moment. If we're being honest, though, we'd be acting the same way. @Genesic_ said, "he js like me i love mcdonald's fries." We have a feeling a ton of others do, too!

Still, we're not sure how to account for that insane burst of energy. Viewer @qteezy_vibez suggested,"he must’ve had a sip of the sprite first 😳," and we're still LOL-ing about it. A little excitement can certainly go a long way! We're just glad no fingers were caught in the crossfire.

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