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Video of Dog Finally Meeting Her Baby After Phantom Pregnancies Leaves Us in Tears

If you're looking for your daily cry, look no further than a video of a dog meeting her baby sister for the very first time. According to TikTok creator @cherylcruz92, the moment was special not just because they were welcoming a new member to their family, but because Skye had really wanted to be a mommy. 

As the TikToker explained in her now-viral video, it was a happy day for their household for several reasons. "Today Skye met her baby sister... After phantom pregnancies and taking teddies to bed pretending they were her babies, she finally has her own," the video's text overlay reads. "My heart," it continues. Okay, this is just the cutest. We can't get over the big reveal! The dog mama then cut to a montage of clips involving Skye and her brand new baby sis  — and we're pretty much melting over here.

Both Skye and her sister look so darn happy to meet each other. It's almost too much to handle. "My heart is bursting," the video's caption reads. 

We weren't the only ones deeply affected by the heartwarming video. The video has since been watched over 1.8 million times and people in the comments section were swooning. "It’s so weird but I know exactly how she felt when she saw that puppy. You did a beautiful thing," @judithallum wrote. "You are such a beautiful soul doing that for your dog," @melissa.17091 added. 

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While another commenter had a similar experience but with hilariously different results. "Mother's dog had phantom pregnancies, we got puppies and when she saw them she rolled on her side and let them suckle on her, so weird but so cute," @leonadraws_ shared. 

We know that these two are going to be the best of friends!

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