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Video of Dog Meeting Her Hero at Disney World Is the Best Thing We've Seen All Day

You know how they say you should never meet your heroes? Yeah, that doesn’t apply to one dog on the internet who was positively glowing during a recent meeting with her number one: Mickey Mouse.

As the video shows, Whiskey has always loved Mickey. In the footage from @whiskeytoller, it shows the service dog way back in 2011 when she was just a puppy. The dog used to bring her Mickey stuffed animal everywhere, and some things really never change. “2022: Her dreams coming true,” the video’s onscreen text reads. Yep, that’s right! Whiskey finally took a trip to Disney World, and that’s when she met her idol. And her reaction to meeting the Mouse shows how much love for him she really has.

What a beautiful moment! People in the comments section were so happy for Whiskey. “She looks so happy with Mickey,” @Adele_allie500 commented. “What a dream come true!!” @captjackthedood added. “Ok this has to be the sweetest video on TikTok,” @meggyballroomdancing5678 agreed.

Although, other people wondered if Whiskey was seeing something else in Mickey’s eyes. “Oooh! A REAAALLLY big chew toy that moves! Yayyy!” @nightmarechica101 joked. “She’s thinking, ‘man what I’d do to chew those ears,’” @jukebox_jenn agreed. “The biggest stuffed animal she ever did see,” @sullivanstory chimed in.

In a second video on @whiskeytoller’s page, she revealed that even more memories were made when Whiskey met another hero of hers, Pluto! “It’s like she went — WAIT there’s a giant version of my Pluto toy?” @whiskeytoller joked in the video’s text overlay. Even Pluto seemed thrilled!


Some dogs just have all the luck.