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Restaurant That Has Menu for Pampered Pooches Is As Bougie As It Gets

Fur babies are family members, and they deserve to be treated as such. Even mealtimes can be special for the best boys and girls, so why shouldn't they tag along next time you go out to eat? At the very least, they won't be at home alone, but in the best-case scenario, your dog will be staring down a feast. What's better than that?

While out and about for a recent family meal, Kirby the yellow Labrador and his pawrents found a restaurant with the most bougie doggie menu. Naturally, they had to document the find on his TikTok account, @kirbysdogland, and the app is loving it. BRB--headed out to find this place!

Are we the only ones a little bit jealous of this menu? The dogs at this restaurant are eating better than some people do! With fresh ingredients like chicken, broccoli, and beef, what's not to love? (The prices, that's what!)

Still, @gofetch commented, it's "worth it for the pups 🥰." At least some think so! Other commenters are not convinced, however. "$15 for rice and veggies??? To hell with that," wrote @striker0528. LOL, that is very pricey. We admit it's a luxury for sure, but Kirby seemed to think it was a very delicious luxury (keep scrolling, trust us!).

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Of course, there were some pet parents who were still on the fence and could probably be convinced by a good pair of puppy eyes. "See the problem w me is I’m ok spending those amounts for my dog, but not for me 😏," admitted @juicyjalyssa. Honestly, though--same!

OK, OK, but here's the real question: where is this place? @Jess.pico made a hilarious (and accurate) guess that "This has to be California. Where they’d have a veggie option for dogs…." and she was right!

We're beyond grateful that Kirby's mom gave us a second video. Every pup deserves a chance to be spoiled like this!

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