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Woman's Encounter With a Stray Puppy on a Mexico Beach Is Just Too Sweet

Beach days are the epitome of peaceful and relaxing. The sun is shining, the weather is nice, and there is nothing to worry about. One of the few things that can further improve a beach day is adding a puppy to the mix, which is exactly what happened to one woman on her vacation in Yelapa, Mexico.

TikTok creator @lifeofsarahjane posted a video about her paw-fect day where she was laying on her towel at the beach when a puppy wandered up to her! The little guy had no qualms about making himself conformable as he snuggled up and settled down for a nap. The creator of the video watched over him while he slept and she read. See how cute he looks during his beach nap in the video!

Oh, this is just too cute! We're so jealous, as are several people in the comments, such as @renee0292 who said, "Why can’t stuff like this happen to me? I’d take it home in a heartbeat."

Others were hoping the creator would take the puppy home, but she confirmed that he lives with a family nearby and would spend his days wandering the beach and befriending strangers before heading home for the evening. What a life! Well fed and well groomed while getting to roam the beach in search of pets and treats.

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@sotto1970 made a fair argument against this experience, however. She said, "The main reason I can't go to Mexico... I'd have 45 dogs." Fighting the urge to adopt every stray dog we come across on vacation would be a true test of willpower.

The creator posted a second video of her guest visitor, which includes some absolutely adorable close ups of the pup.

We could watch these videos a thousand times! The comments of this video were full of people complimenting this gentleman's well-groomed face and polite demeanor. It's no wonder he has no issue making friends!

Take note, folks: if you want to hang out with puppies on the beach, visit Yelapa, Mexico!

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