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Golden Retriever's Trick of Mimicking Other Animals Is Downright Impressive

One of the things kids learn growing up is what sounds different animals make. Once they know the different sounds, you can start asking them. They'll start rattling off barks, meows and moos. You get so excited because it's honestly just as big of accomplishment to learn as it is memorizing colors and ABCs. The craziest part is that kids aren't the only ones who learn about different animal sounds. Turns out dogs can do it too! 

TikTok user @siriuslysalem shared with the world what her insanely intelligent Golden Retriever recently learned. The owner starts to film the dog named Sirius and then asked him, "What does a lion do?" and "What does a bunny do?" The results will leave your mouth dropped to the ground. 

Holy! Now, that’s one very smart floof! We don't know how this owner began teaching her Golden Retriever that trick but what we do know is that she needs to start a series so other dog owners can do this too. "Not me going to teach my dog how to be a lion and a bunny lol," wrote @liz_kidd2020. See, everyone's going to be doing it now! LOL! 

“Why was that the best roar 😂😂,” asked @USpetlove. He's been practicing real hard! @Liz Baker-Wright added, “I don’t mean to alarm you, but it seems there is an actual lion in your home…” LOL! The immidation was so realistic! It's definitely up there for one of the best lion impressions we’ve ever heard. Keep up the good work, Sirius! 

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Not only is this trick so impressive, but it's also beyond adorable. Or a better way to put it is what @user60815394705925 commented, "Omg too fluffing cute." Right?! Sirius deserves the biggest treat for being so smart and cute!

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