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Dog's Over-the-Top 'Minions'-Themed Birthday Party Wins the Internet

Throwing your dog a birthday party is such a fun idea. Not only can you serve your pup their very own cake, but it also gives you a chance to celebrate with all of your pet's human pack as well. We can't help but laugh at this dog's epic Minions-themed birthday bash that is going viral on TikTok. 

@Hannahwantsdj captions her dog's Ivor's Minions party with, 'I love you son." We can tell this dog mom went all out for her pup with decorations, balloons, confetti, and his very own Minions cake. Wait until you see this! 

OMG. We can't even take the cuteness! Lots of comments on this video show that Ivor isn't the only lucky boy, with @Anto posting, "I threw a party for my Golden Doodle and four of her litter mates on Sunday. It was mermaid-themed." TikTok viewer @SuhanaMaharajh says, "This is amazing, so glad I am not the only person who goes all out for these angels. They truly deserve all the spoils."

If spoiling your dog by throwing them an epic birthday part is wrong, we don't want to be right! Happy Birthday to Ivor and all the other good boys out there! 

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