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Video of Dog Admiring Herself in the Mirror After Leaving the Groomer's Is So Priceless

Who doesn't like to getting their haircut? Well, maybe you don't love sitting in the salon for hours, but the final result is always worth the wait. This is true even for our pets — they totally know when they've gotten a haircut too. Just like one dog on TikTok who was absolutely enamored with herself after a day at the groomers. And we must admit, she looks pretty good!

Lady Blu must've gotten the haircut of a lifetime because she refused to leave the mirror after getting her trim. As can be seen in the video on her page @prettyeyedbitt, the pup was clearly feeling herself. "Lady Blu has been in the mirror since she left the groomers," the video's text overlay reads. The pup even stands up straight so she can get a better look! See for yourself in the video below. 

With over 76,000 views, people on the internet were laughing so hard at Lady Blu's mirror moment. "I mean can you blame her? That’s a pretty puppy right there," @harleylyn9 wrote in the comments section. "She be like wow are you beautiful. Where have you been all these years. Mommy look how pretty I am," @piitbullgrammy teased. "She's feeling herself as she shouldddddd. Beauty queen," @carlynoreen joked. "Because she knows she’s beautiful and ready," @akekekeeee kidded. 

Elsewhere on the pup's page, she celebrated her birthday in style with the most adorable bone-shaped cake. "Happy Birthday Lady Blu," the video's caption reads.

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 It looks like this lady is really living the good life. Now where can we get the number for her groomer? We'd love to look just as good as she does!

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