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Dog's Sad Reaction to Human Brother Leaving for College Is Absolutely Heartbreaking

Leaving home, whether for college, work, or even just an extended vacation, can be difficult for so many reasons. The goodbyes, of course, are at the top of the list, though one family member doesn't get the same luxury of understanding--the family dog.

For @life_with_grif, a dog mom and new empty-nester, this has been particularly difficult to deal with. Not only is she coping with her youngest child's absence, but she's watching Grif, the yellow Labrador, come to terms with it too. If you've ever had to say goodbye to a furry friend for school, you're going to want to grab the tissues. Trust us!

Grif! Poor baby! We just can't handle the way he's waiting at the window like that. We're sure his human brother who left for college feels heartbroken, too, but we really feel for their mom. It's never easy to be a newly empty-nester, but to see Grif this sad? Let's just say that, if we were in her shoes, we'd be sobbing.

We're 100% on board with @9_lila_3 who commented, "tell your son to come back right now🥺 he does not have to study 😏😁that baby's heart is broken 🥺." Exactly! Or, better yet, @life_with_grif's youngest could take @cecececez73's advice: "Normalize taking your pet to college!!!!" We think pet-friendly dorms will be the housing of the future, and it could all start with this sweet Labrador. 

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"I'm guessing ur son is feeling the exact same..🥰," said @angelajones2052, and she's probably right! Just ask anyone who's left a dog at home, even temporarily. It's the hardest thing! It's a part of life, though, and we know this family will make it through just fine. 

In the meantime, though, they should get ready to make a few more TikToks. "We are going to need a video when he returns," @justmissjen wrote, and we wholeheartedly agree!

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