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Dog's Sad Reaction to Mom Being on Vacation Tugs at Our Heartstrings

Every once in a while, we need to get away on a refreshing, and much-needed, vacation. But unfortunately, most of the time we can't bring our furry besties with us on these vacations. That doesn't mean we can't go. It just means we'll be missing them the entire time! And it definitely doesn't make it any easier when whoever is watching your baby sends you updates.  

For instance, TikTok user @mad.chi left her Chihuahua with her parents while she was in Hawaii. She was enjoying her day at the beach, as one should do while on vacation when a text came popped up on her phone. It was from her mom with an update on her dog. The poor thing has been missing her since she left! Your heart will fall apart when you see what the Chihuahua has been doing. 

If we're crying just from this video, we can't even imagine how she felt when she got that text! Ugh, she can never leave her baby again if she's going to be crying on the steps the whole time. At least she tried bringing her Chihuahua with her! But Hawaii requires a 7-day quarantine for dogs and she wasn't going to do that to her baby. Her pup is safe at home with grandma and grandpa probably getting hundreds of treats to make her feel better!

"Girl you better get back home. Poor baby," commented @karli_g_o. If we ever got this text, we'd instantly leave the beach and search for an earlier flight home. LOL! Even @gracie0fc agrees. She wrote, "No thank you. That's when I go home." Retweet!

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We need to follow @n0tf0r3v3r's advice and have whoever is watching our doggo wait to text us. LOL! The comment reads, "My mom's not allowed to tell me SH*T about the dogs being sad while I'm gone. You wait until I'm home! 😂." Exactly! We want to see our furry babies, but please wait until the end of vacation. LOL! "My heart just shattered lol you better get her a present," said @Jessie Rey Nelson. It's the right thing to do!

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