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Video of Dog 'Getting Mistaken for a Cow' Is Totally Irresistible

We've totally made the comparison of dogs and cows before because well, how can you not? Cows are like giant dogs who love getting pets, snuggles and playtime. Plus, we can't forget about their tails wagging with happiness just like a dog's. But now we have proof that dogs and cows even look similar thanks to a video from TikTok user @vegan_friendly_uk

The recent clip shows a dog in the barn with a few cows. The dog looks a little confused about why he's there, but you can tell deep down he was loving it. And the cows were welcoming him there so warmly. You'll understand why the cows brought him in so quickly when you see how similar they look. Plus, the video is too cute to scroll past! 

Aww! How cute is this?! The dog totally blended right in with all the cows. He had cow spots and everything. We would've never noticed if the video didn't say the dog was mistaken for a cow. LOL! Did anyone else get fooled by this video?!

TikTok user @slothy_rz said, "What pup?" Ha! We'd believe this was cow if you told us! Just a slightly smaller cow with floppy ears. Still adorable as heck though! "Seems so confused but also happy 😂," commented @ashley.f61683. He's just getting comfortable with his new family. And since he was the newest "calf" he had more attention on him than he was used to. LOL!

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@brambell263 wrote what the pup was totally thinking. The comment reads, "Pup, 'Please help...these are not dogs...THEY ARE NOT DOGS!!!'😂😂😂." He walked in thinking there were other dogs that looked like him but clearly, he wasn't prepared. LOL! But we like to believe the dog finally warmed up. @BlayeMoore said, "Pups like, 'Guess I'm a cow now 🤷‍♂️.'" At least the cows were welcoming him in with lots of kisses!

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