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Video of Dog 'Sensing Mom About to Leave the House' Has Us Cracking Up

Don't you just wish our pets could understand that sometimes we have to leave the house without them? Whether that's for errands, work, school or even just going out to dinner. It doesn't matter the reason why we have to leave our home because the result is always the same - a very upset fur friend. It's not our fault not everywhere is pet friendly. And trust us, if it were, they'd come along every single time!

Each pet has a different reaction when they see you getting ready to leave the house without them. It might be the classic pacing back and forth and crying to come along. Or maybe you're getting judged by your pet like TikTok user @ashlandavenue is. No seriously, this TikToker captured her Mini Poodle watching her every move with judging eyes. LOL! You'll be cracking up at this dog's reaction to her leaving, even though she was just trying on clothes and wasn't leaving at all! 

LMAO! He was staring her down with a look of disappointment. And all for nothing! All she was doing was trying on clothes. But as @FeFe Lashay said, "He don't miss a beat 😂." Talk about an alert doggo!

@faith___xoxoxo wrote what her dog was probably thinking, "'Where you think you're going?' 😂😂😂😂 Papa needs to relax." Right?! He is getting all worked up over nothing. Or maybe that look was screaming what @st1996_ said, "Where are WE going?" LOL! He knew it was not a question of where his owner was going, but where they were both going. If he starred hard enough, she wouldn't be able to leave him.

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But honestly, we can't even take him seriously because of exactly what @_theonlyiyani wrote. The comment reads, "So cute and fluffy ❤️‍🔥." This little pup can stare all he wants and all we can do is laugh! He's too adorable to be scared of. LOL!  

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