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Dog Mom Forgets to Leave the Light on for Her Pup and the Guilt Is Real

Many pet owners know the struggle of having to do certain things to placate your pets when you leave the house. Some people give their pups a bone to distract them, and others leave music on to give their pets some background noise. One woman forgot to do this for her dog, and the pup was not pleased.

TikTok user @peach.poochon recently shared a video from their home camera of her Poochon puppy, Peach, who is staring at the door longingly after her mom forgot to set up the house for her before going out. Check out the video to see why this pup is upset and see why Peach's mom feels guilty!

Awww, poor Peach! She was so disappointed that her mom forgot to leave the lights on for her, so she was waiting for her mom to come back the whole evening. We know Peach's mom felt totally guilty and won't forget to turn the lights on again!

People in the comments are saying they would have come home after seeing this. @renaejocelyn said, "OMG, that’s enough to make me go straight home," and @isengsiri commented, "I’d be rushing back home real quick." Peach's mom confirmed that she did go right back home after seeing this footage! We can't imagine the guilt we would feel if this was our pup.

Others are sharing how Peach's mom should make up this oversight to the pup. @kaunis.sotku commented, "Oh no, I hope you gave her plenty of cuddles and treats when you got home!" and @sthefuturern said, "You better apologize to her." We're sure Peach's mom will be doing everything she can to make it up to this sweet baby.

We feel so sorry that Peach was all alone in the dark, but luckily her mom came home to right the wrong! We think Peach's mom should buy some lights that can be controlled from her phone so Peach never has to suffer through an ordeal like this again.

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