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Dog's Heartfelt Concern Over Mom's Pregnancy Symptoms Is So Sweet We Can't Even

It always amazes us how dogs can feel our emotions. When we're happy, they're happy and if we're feeling sad or sick, they notice. This just goes to show why dogs are called a man's best friend - they're with us through it all!

Recently, a mom who is pregnant was feeling sick and right on cue, her Goldendoodle knew something was wrong. The sweet video of the dog named Aiden checking on his owner was posted to TikTok user @aidendadoodle. We seriously can't get enough of this clip! 

Awww! How sweet is this?! Aiden wouldn't leave his owner's side because he knew she wasn't feeling well. Talk about a good boy! We'd love to have Aiden watching over us when we feel sick too! 

@darkskindr3a pointed out," Awwww he’s trembling!!!" Ugh, that broke our hearts! He was so scared that momma wasn't feeling well. He wanted to help but wasn't sure what to do! @katelakyra commented, "Aiden said, 'I hear you saying you’re ok, but you don’t sound ok, so Ima call Nana to take care of us.' Praying you feel better soon. He’s the best ❤️." The bestest dog ever! 

Another TikTok user, @justkalanoy, wrote, "It’s amazing how they sense our emotions and run to our rescue."Right?! Just another reason why we don't deserve dogs. 


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