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Adorable Dog Won't Let Mom Put Away Laundry in Peace And We're Loving It

As sweet and adorable as our fur babies can be, they're also huge pains in the butt--just ask @schatz224! The TikTok user and dog mom gave her followers a glimpse into her struggles of putting away laundry with a needy dog, and we are loving it. Her attention-seeking pup, Duke, just wanted to hang out, but he stirred up a lot of chaos!

We have a feeling a lot of pet parents can relate to this struggle, but that doesn't make it any less hilarious! Duke is truly one of a kind.

LMAO! We can't get enough of this nosy pup, even if he is annoying his mom. It's just too sweet and relatable to resist! Luckily for us, the commenters are unanimously in agreement. 

"How can you resist that face?!😍😭" asked @authormarx. The answer: you don't! We don't know how @schatz224 hasn't given in to her begging dog. His big ol' eyes are so sweet and pleading! Commenter @butterlybaby99 said it best: "'Not gunna work' *immediately works* 😂." You're so right! No wonder he keeps trying--he eventually gets what he wants, even if it's just for a few seconds! Trust us, that few seconds is all he needs to get fur on everything.

"He says 'Sneak in? Who me?' 😂💙," @sarahmarietustin wrote. Ha! He thinks he can be subtle and sweet about it, so we won't tell him just how obvious he is. We wonder if he has any idea! 

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