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Photographer's Image of Dog Staying by Mom's Side As She Recites Her Vows Has Us in Tears

Dogs are extremely loyal. They will stay by your side at all times, and they will refuse to leave without their person coming with them. One wedding photographer witnessed this love and loyalty in action during one of her shoots, and it was so great she had to share it with TikTok.

TikTok user @sharliefaye is a wedding photographer and recently shared a heartwarming story one one pup's involvement in his parents photos. Sharlie said that the couple she was photographing involved their Bernese mountain dog, Parker, in all of their wedding photos. At the very end, they walked away to a secluded area to recites their wedding vows in private while a friend took Parker to get ready for the ceremony. Watch the video to find out what Parker does when he is separated from his mom and to see the photos of the trio during their vows.

OMG, this is so sweet and those photos of the wedding vows are too adorable. Parker knew he belong in this moment with his parents and decided he needed to orchestrate a jail-break to get back into their company.

People in the comments thought this was a lovely testament to the love dogs have for their owners. @kajeah said, "Dogs are the very best creatures in the universe. So beautiful," and @shanniepea commented, "I swear we don’t deserve them. Their hearts are so pure, non-judgmental, and full of love. He’s beautiful." It's an honor that dogs show us so much love and devotion.

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Others loved the idea of including their dogs in all of the photos and wedding events. @elliefwend commented, "If my dogs aren’t this involved in MY wedding, I’m not going." Another user, @life.of.huckleberry, said, "Please don’t invite me to a wedding if there won’t be a dog in the wedding party." Pets should always be included in the ceremony because they're beloved members of the family!

This story was so lovely to hear, and the photos turned out beautifully. It is a great source of inspiration for others who may want to include their pups in their wedding events as well!

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