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Video of Dog Posing by a Mountain Lake in Switzerland Looks Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

If you think you've seen photogenic, just wait until you get a look at this pup. He's one handsome Australian Shepherd, and he's ready to pose for the camera. In fact, that's how he got over 2 million views on one of his serene lakeside videos, though a gorgeous outdoor setting never hurt, either. 

This model-worthy dog named Summit is one-half of @swiss.paws, a duo of fur brothers who explore the Swiss Alps alongside their humans. It's easy to see why their account is oh-so-popular, though we'll have to change the word to 'pupular' once these dogs are done taking TikTok by storm.

Is this whole scene even real? From the breathtaking views to Summit's stunning self, there's just so much to take in. No wonder commenters are absolutely in love with this video!

We agree wholeheartedly with @psychicparty111 that this Aussie is the "prettiest dog I've ever seen." His coat is giving us life! It looks so fluffy, clean, and well-kept, but nothing can top his "GORGEOUS" red coloring, to borrow from @ladyandtheblues. How much brushing does it take to keep him that way, we wonder?

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"He looks like he knows all the answers," @himindurbusiness said. LOL! As funny as that is, we'd be lying if we said we didn't see it. Summit does have an air of wisdom to him, probably from all of that time spent traveling! Commenter noticed a similar quality in him, saying, "This dog has lived many lives🥺💙." You could say he's an old soul!

We totally love @bighamsterenergy's observation, too, though @swiss.paws' reply took the cake. "He looks like he would gently ask 'you ok bud? you're safe here' 🥺," said the viewer.

"This or 'can you give me that damn treat already?'" @swiss.paws wrote back. LMAO! We can totally relate--even the most elegant dogs are still dogs, after all! 

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