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Couple Sets Up 'Movie Night' for Their Dog in Video All Pet Parents Can Relate To

Oh, the things we would do for our pets. From homemade treats to special adventures just for them--the list never ends if you think about it! Still, some of the simplest ideas can be more adorable and meaningful than the grandest gesture. For husband-wife duo @maya.and.hunter, leaving their dog home alone is one of the hardest parts of pet parenthood. Luckily, their solution is just as effective as it is binge-worthy. Have you ever heard of a dog movie night before? 

Before the couple heads out, they create an entire theater setup for their gorgeous Australian Shepherd. Honestly, we're not sure who we relate to more: the pup loving his cozy spot, or his doting parents who hate leaving him at home. We cannot get over how great this is! 

Movies, snacks, blankets on the sofa...this is one lucky dog! We'd be lying if we said we weren't at least a little jealous of his movie night. Even the folks who commented on this sweet video gushed over his private movie screenings.

"I’ve never thought of this 😭," wrote @4hhnn. "I think my dog will love it 😁." How could they not? Especially once you find your buddy's favorite film, they'll be too riveted to even know that you're gone. Well--some of them, at least!

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"Haha I tried this with my dog but she will go nuuuuuts any time anything remotely dramatic happens on screen 😅," @thatverybadlawstudent shared. LOL! She must really get into her favorite shows. No telenovelas for her!

Then there's @acorginamedkygo 's dog, who woudn't just help themself to some snacks--they "would eat the paper towel too." Luckily, this Australian Shepherd doesn't seem to be looking for trouble one bit. 

Even if you don't go all out for your dog's next movie night, just a little background noise can go a long way--just ask @harleevale! "I never leave the house without putting the tv on for my dog," they commented. "What if she gets bored all alone?" That's exactly why it's there!

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