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Dog's Elation Over Musical Pad at the Dog Park Is a Breath of Fresh Air

We humans may be the ones feeding and caring for our dogs, but, in truth, we have a lot to learn from them too. They can love unconditionally and without hesitation, but they can also be determined enough to do what makes them happy--just like this adorable Black Labrador. The pup had the time of his life jumping on a musical pad at the dog park, and you'll just have to see it for yourself.

It's the most joyful thing! We adore the happiness that radiates from @chloemark23's video, and we hope some of it rubs off on us, too.

OMG, what a precious boy! We totally get why TikTok is obsessed with this doggo. How could you not be? Even "the couple in the background absolutely loving the performance," was a favorite detail of @ljdawg's...and of ours! TBH, we're surprised this concert didn't draw a larger crowd.

"He was a musician in a past life," guessed @kylizzleshizzle. It must be true! There's no way he could have made such lovely sounds without at least an enjoyment of music. @Packofpotatoes said, "I’m telling my kids this was Beethoven," and we're 100% on board with that. 

Whether you call him Barkt-hoven or something else, we think he deserves way more recognition than he has. @Okitskaylee's idea is perfect! She suggested that someone "get this man a record deal immediately." We'd definitely listen to that, especially if it supports the canine arts! 

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