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Dog's Priceless 'Response' to Being Told He's Not Allowed on the Couch Is Precious

Rules are meant to be broken, at least according to Henry. This sassy Basset Hound has made himself comfy on the couch, and his response to his mom's scolding is just too funny to ignore. But why is he being scolded, you ask? Because he's not supposed to be on the couch at all!

TikTok user and fur mama @julialynnbright67 regularly shares her pets' shenanigans on social media (we highly recommend the videos of Henry meeting his baby Bulldog brother), but this video quickly went viral thanks to Henry's expressive face and gigantic ears. He's taking TikTok by storm, and it's no mystery why. Just look at this response--Henry DGAF!

If it were up to us, Henry would be allowed anywhere his little legs can take him. Those head tilts convinced us! They convinced most of the commenters too, who are overwhelmingly in favor of letting him get comfy where he is.

"The head tilting clearly indicates that this is the first time Henry is hearing about this rule 😍🥰," wrote @scot.t.girl. Though his owner might disagree, he's swayed our opinion for sure. Commenter @xalexis5 said, "I'm representing Henry and the court order says "Henry MUST be allowed on the couch." Well, if the court says so!

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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we'd like to present one further argument. "Couches are called FUR-niture for a reason!" wrote @st878482. "Leave him alone 😌." We rest our case, Your Honor. 

Until we receive an official verdict from Henry's mama, @alclawholicmama79 declares that the couch is already in the right paws. "Idk, that looks like Henry’s couch to me 🤷🏼‍♀️." We certainly agree--he is making himself rather comfy. And he's earned it! 

We can only imagine what hilarity is going through this Basset's mind as he gets busted, but we love @thedramaticrealtor's interpretation. "Henry: 'mam, I’ve paid my rent so I’ll sit where I want'." Yeah, you will, bud! Until the house rules change and you're allowed on all the couches, we'll keep on loving your seemingly innocent rebellion.

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